Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since 2009 in Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science and has grown into a full fledged department. The Department is committed to give the best of exposure to budding civil engineers to various challenges in profession. The Department provides high quality teaching and practical cognizance and also caters to the needs of efficient research, technical advisory and consultancy. Department of Civil Engineering offers with specialization in Structural Engineering. We look forward to create high quality Civil Engineers to actively participate in their nation building activities in the fields of infrastructure development for different types of buildings, roads, railways, airports, irrigation and drainage works, water supply and sewerage systems, dams, flood mitigation systems, etc. through public as well as private sectors. To offer world-class undergraduate education, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering. To prepare industry-ready graduates/ professionals and entrepreneurs who successfully adapt to ever changing needs and challenges of the society and provide innovative solutions for the built environment.

Departmental Facilities

Computer Centre

Computer Centre

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
Intel (R) Pentium(R) CPU Dual Core 2.80 GHz
Hard Disk Size 500 GB

Class Room

There is an adequate number of classrooms in the department. Classrooms are accomplished with smart classes, LCD Projectors, OHP and other complimentary teaching aids.
i)The classroom is well ventilated for better air circulation & temperature regulation
ii) It effectively utilise the natural light for illumination
iii) Acoustics satisfactory



Departmental Library

The Department library has a strong collection of text books with over hundreds of titles on a variety of topics. Library also possesses journals, magazines, project and seminar reports, lab manuals and question banks and CDs of e-journals and e-books.
The collection is strong in all aspects with special strengths in Programming basics, CAD/CAm and other Civile engineering branch subjects.

Conference Hall

The Conference Room provides facilities and services for academic meetings, seminars, events as well as corporate recruitment procedures. The state of the art Conference Room provides an ambiance to concentrate solely on our task.

It includes:-
• Modern designs & interiors.
• HD – Projection system.
• Air Conditioners.
• Electrical & LAN connections for laptops.
• Wi-Fi connectivity.
• Conference table that seats 40.
• 30 additional seats at the perimeter of the room.



Lab Facilities

Individual experiments performed by each student in all labs. We have fully equipped facilities for Survey Lab, Engineering Mechanics lab, Geology Lab, Fluid mechanics Lab, Environmental engineering lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Transportation Lab, SOM Lab, CMT Lab and TOS lab with live experience.

Computer Centre

Transportation Lab

In this lab students perform experiments for Testing of aggregates and Bitumen used for construction of roads

Theory of structures Lab

In this lab students perform experiments for Three hinged arch, two hinged arch, bending of beams , deflection of beams, truss, Eulers buckling Load etc.

DotNet Lab


In this lab students perform experiments for Testing of cement, concrete, bricks and aggregates. Mix design of concrete

Basic Programming Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

In this lab students perform experiments for Soil testing. To observe the properties of soil like liquid limit , Plastic Limit, soil classification, shear strength, bearing capacity, permeability etc.

Basic Programming Lab

Strength of materials Lab

In this lab students perform experiments for Tensile strength , compressive strength , hardness, toughness for different materials like concrete and steel.

Basic Programming Lab



Departmental Activities



 In SIRT-S, the expert lecture was organized by the Department of Civil Engg. The eminent speaker , Mr. Prashant Singh (M. S., Florida University, USA). He has been associated with names such as Reynolds, Smith & Hills Incorporation etc. Presently he serves as a freelance consultant in Transport system. delivered a lecture on “Highway Design and Construction”.



Expert lecture for iii sem and v sem by Dr P K Jain prof. MANIT bhopal on advances in civil engineering.



An expert lecture for III sem, V sem and VII sem by Prof A.K. Jain on Tendering process in civil engineering



Geological Visit of III sem civil engineering students, Bhojpur. For study of Soil and rocks Testing.



Industrial Visit of V sem civil engineering students at sagar green hills bhopal. It Is Agrawal Construction Company site.



Industrial Visit of IV sem civil engineering students at Sagar premium towers and sagar green hills bhopal. It Is Agrawal Construction Company site.

Student Achievements




Nikhil Pandey student of CIVIL Department got chancellor Award




The students of The Department of Civil Engg., participated in the “R & D Felicitation Workshop” on April 27, 2015 organized by the INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA)




Students Anurag Sinha and Nirvesh Gour accompanied by the faculty Prof. Anirudha Telang represented CE, SIRT-S with their respective projects.


Faculty Achievements




1.Dr.Rakesh Patel published paper on “Analysis of Infilled Beams using Method of Initial Functions and comparison with FEM”. Engineering Science and Technology: an International Journal, Elsevier. 17 (2014) 158-164.

2. Dr.Rakesh Patel published paper on “Effect of depth span ratio on the behavior of beams”. International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering, Springer. Vol. 6:56, doi 10.1007/s40091-014-0056-3.

3. Dr.Rakesh Patel published paper on “Analysis of Light weight RCC beams” in UKIERI concrete congress, International conference on concrete to be held at NIT Jalandhar on 2-5 November 2015.

4. Dr. Rakesh Patel titled published paper on "Analysis of composite beams using an elasticity method" is published in International journal of engineering research Vol.5 issue 3, Feb 2016.

5.Dr Rakesh Patel published a paper titled “Study on the behaviour of rubber aggregate concrete beams using analytical approach” in Engeneering science and Technology an International journal , Elsevier Vol 20,(2017)



1.Prof. Prabhat Soni, and Prof Sajan Malviya of Civil Engineering Department attended workshop on “Disaster management” at RGPV Bhopal from 19 may to 23 may 2015.

2. Prof.Sachin Nagayach published paper on “Up-Gradation of Existing Traffic System of Vidisha using Traffic Management Techniques.” In International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 05, 2015.

3. Prof. Prabhat K. Soni. published paper on “Fiber-Reinforced Cement Mortar for Brick Masonry.” Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology ISSN: 2249-8753 . Vol. 4, (3).

4. Prof. Zafar Beg published a paper titled “Trend Analysis of Ground water via RS and GIS” in IJSRD, Vol 5, Isuue 3, ISSN 23210613


Confrence and Workshop




1.Dr. Rakesh Patel attend Training Programme on “Application of FEM in Science and Engineering” at NITTTR Bhopal 29 feb to 4 march 2016.

2. Prof. Shailesh Kushwah attend National Conference on “Tribology: Energy, Environment and Eficiency” at CSIR AMPRI bhopal 21-22 JANUARY 2016.

3. Prof. Shailesh Kushwah presented poster in CSIR AMPRI bhopal In National conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Materials, 29 December 2015.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1. To equip students with sound knowledge of core subjects so that they are able to pursue higher studies and take up challenges of research and development.
PEO2. To impart in-depth knowledge of Civil Engineering system that encourages them to develop techniques in professional career.
PEO3.To equip the graduates with suitable skills enabling them to solve problems of daily life and meet global challenges.
PEO4. To prepare graduates for professional licensure, entrepreneurship, leadership roles and life-long learning.


Programme Outcomes

Students are able to:
PO 1: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering in the solution of Civil Engineering problems.
PO 2: Ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve Civil Engineering problems.
PO 3: Ability to analyze and design engineering structures.
PO 4: Ability to simulate conditions acting on engineering structures in laboratory and design and conduct experiments to analyze and interpret data.
PO 5: Ability to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze and solve problems.
PO 6: Ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions on the society and awareness of contemporary issues.
PO 7: Abilityto assess the impact of existing engineering solutions on environment and find alternatives to attain sustainable development.
PO 8: Ability to understand professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
PO 9: Ability to understand the importance of teamwork and work with multi-disciplinary team.
PO 10: Developawareness of the research in the field of Civil Engineering and actively engage themselves in Research and Development.

Distinguished Alumni