Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering at SIRTS Bhopal, renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state of the art engineering education in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. We attract some of the brightest students and faculty across the country. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science, was formed in 2007. The first undergraduate batch rolled out in the year 2011. The students those join our department are the cream of this country. Since its inception, the department has always been recognized all over the world for excellence in learning and teaching. The Department provides an outstanding research environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in. Graduates from the department are heavily recruited by both academia and industry. All over the world, ex-students of the Department occupy top positions in both academia and industry.

Department runs Post Graduate Courses in Computer Science and Engineering these course will lead to world class research and Software development Industries. The Department provides an outstanding research environment complemented by excellence in teaching. The Department has state of the art infrastructure including an It also has computing equipment supported by high speed networks. Various Student are participating in “Student Activity Cell” throughout the year. Our faculties aim at delivering top class education blending their rich research experience with classroom teaching and expertise in Laboratory subject.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Graduates are prepared to take up Masters/Research programs. PEO 2: Graduates are prepared to be liable computing professionals in their own field of concern. PEO 3: Graduates are prepared to be revealing joint effort and efficient IT based skills. PEO 4: Graduates are prepared to be employed in IT industries and be occupied in knowledge, analyze, design, and build quality computer-based solutions and applying new ideas. PEO 5: To produce graduates who can demonstrate a commitment to community by applying technical skills and knowledge to support various service activities.

Programme Outcomes

PO 1. Be able to get placed by developing all round personality. PO 2. Be able to get placed by developing all round personality. PO 3. Be able to communicate effectively in real life situation. PO 4. Be able to apply computing , scientific and mathematical knowledge in real life problem solving. PO 5. Be able to work in team, work with ethics and social responsibilities. PO 6. Be able to research in complex problem areas of computer science and information technology. PO 7. Be able to identify the need of computational technology for social welfare and implement the same. PO 8. Be able to analyse the data and decision making with logical and critical thinking. PO 9. Be able to engage in continuous computer professional development. PO 10. Be able to generate solution for interdisciplinary problem in computing fields. PO 11. Be able to design computer based algorithms and systems . PO 12. Recognize the need for life long learning in the field of computer technology.