Dr. Manish Manoria


Drastic & fast developments are taking place in various fields around the world; due to this, world becomes a smaller place. Since India is emerged as an un-ignorable country on the world map in recent years, the task at hand is more enthralling than ever before.


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The aim of an engineer is to create new artifacts, algorithms, processes, and systems for the service of human beings. It is a privilege in any one’s career to embark on engineering education. The Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science (SIRTS) is a premier Engineering College in the country, since its establishment in 2007, has been glorifying under the prestigious group, Sagar Group of Institutes (SGI).Ever since its establishment, the SIRTS conglomerate of students, staff and faculty have endeavored towards creating young and dynamic engineers who will form the crux of the technical workforce of tomorrow. In our quest to provide the country with the best working talent, we have created a disciplined environment that at the same time provides each individual with the creative freedom to think out of the box. It has always been our belief that every student has an unending pool of talent that needs to be nurtured and which when guided with proper care and the correct attitude can help bring out the best from any individual.It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all those who aspire to have a career in engineering and fruitful stay at our College.