Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering department of SIRTS is committed to provide quality education, exposure to latest modern technologies via certification courses (VACs) to fulfillment of industrial requirements, research, innovation and higher education. The discipline of mechanical engineering has a long and distinguished history of innovative invention and technological breakthroughs that have tremendously benefitted the progress of man and society. The faculty in Mechanical engineering department is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. In addition to academics, the department strives for the holistic development of students by arranging industrial visits to large reputed industries and research organizations, talks by eminent scientists and engineers, organizing conferences, seminars and expert lectures on current topics. We are also committed to mould our students to become holistic engineers, managers and future leaders with holistic knowledge: fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, perspective and ethics to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems and get placement in top ranking industries, research organizations and entrepreneurs.

Departmental Facilities

Computer Centre


Computational (CAD/ CAM Lab) is one of the key labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering catering to the requirements of B.E. The Lab has state of art facilities with the latest softwares available as listed below which also helps the students in preparing their 8th Semester Projects. Apart from the usual curriculum requirements the Lab also serves as a rich source of knowledge for the students & staff with internet facility which allows the students & staff to access the web. 

Class Room

There is an adequate number of classrooms in the department. Classrooms are accomplished with smart classes, LCD Projectors, OHP and other complimentary teaching aids.
i)The classroom is well ventilated for better air circulation & temperature regulation
ii) It effectively utilise the natural light for illumination
iii) Acoustics satisfactory



Departmental Library

The Department library has a strong collection of text books with over hundreds of titles on a variety of topics. Library also possesses journals, magazines, project and seminar reports, lab manuals and question banks and CDs of e-journals and e-books.
The collection is strong in all aspects with special strengths in Programming basics, CAD/CAM, SOM, MOM and many More subjects.

Conference Hall

The Conference Room provides facilities and services for academic meetings, seminars, events as well as corporate recruitment procedures. The state of the art Conference Room provides an ambiance to concentrate solely on our task.

It includes:-
• Modern designs & interiors.
• HD – Projection system.
• Air Conditioners.
• Electrical & LAN connections for laptops.
• Wi-Fi connectivity.
• Conference table that seats 40.
• 30 additional seats at the perimeter of the room.



Lab Facilities

Individual experimets performed by each student in all labs. We have fully equipped facilities in the Various Labs . A separate lab is provided for projects with all major software installed.
Labs in department are..

Computer Centre


BME Lab, as the name suggests, is intended towards laying the foundation of the mechanical engineering and at the same time providing the basic understanding of the working principle of simple machines. The lab consists of equipments and models to understand working principle of boilers, their mountings and accessories and simple machines.


This lab enables the students to deal with the problems of balancing and gyroscopic effects. To understand the effect of unbalance forces on machine and to reduce their effects, Dynamics of machine lab is equipped with some essential experimental set ups. The students can study about the methods of reducing the unbalance forces on static and dynamics balancing machine. Watt governor, Porter governor, Hartnell governor are installed in lab to study their performance, stability and sensitivity. Students can study the gyroscopic effect by conducting experiment on motorized gyroscope.

DotNet Lab

Basic Programming Lab

FM Lab

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory course is an indispensable supplement to the theory. It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics

Basic Programming Lab


The objectives of Heat & Mass Transfer laboratory is to demonstrate the concepts discussed in the Heat & Mass Transfer course and experimentally determine thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient through various materials any many more xperiment relatd to heat exchangers and refrigeration & air conditioning systems

Basic Programming Lab


The objective of this lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the students through a series of experiments.  In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc. Major Equipments Strength of Materials Lab are Universal testing machine of 120 Tonnes, Impact testing machine, Brinell hardness testing machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine, etc.

Basic Programming Lab


Tom lab have considerable fascination for most student of Mechanical Engineering since theoretical principles involved have immediate application practical problem. To achieve this objective, two labs are set up in the department: a) Kinematics of machine; b) Dynamics of machine. In these labs, students of mechanical engineering can learn about basic elements of machines through experiments. Kinematics of machine enables the students to study relative motion of different machine elements.

Basic Programming Lab

Workshop Lab Lab

This lab is usefull to demonstrate experiment on working on job under carpentry, black smithy, welding, fitting, foundry etc. To familiarise with the basic manufacturing processes and to study the various tools and equipment used, hands-on training is given in different sections. Essentially student should know the labour involved, machinery or equipment necessary, time required to fabricate and also should be able to estimate the cost of the product or job work.



Departmental Activities



Mechanical Engineering Students visited Diesel Loco-shed Itarsi MP



Mechanical Engineering Students participated in debate competition and group discussion.



Mechanical Engineering Students participated in cultural activity in Sagar Tarang at SGI Bhopal MP.



Students of Mechanical Engineering visited to Thermal power plant, Sarni on 13/04/2017.

Student Achievements




Sanjeev Kumar student of ME department cleared GATE 2017.




Students of ME VI sem SIRTS have participated in a Prestigious event Organized by ELITE group GO KART


Faculty Achievements



Dr. V S Pagey Received Best faculty award in SGI Bhopa



Dr. Vidosh Mahate received Best HOD Award in SGI Bhopal.



Prof. Santosh Sanodiya received Srijan Award for best faculty.


Confrence and Workshop





Dr Vidosh Mahate attended one day National convention on making polices for promoting Innovations and Startups on 20 june 2017

Programme Educational Objectives

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of SIRTS is to provide students with a sound mechanical engineering education, and application of mechanical engineering principles, enhance economic development of the Nation, and improve the quality of life of our citizens.
Imparting quality education to the students and enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive mechanical engineers.
Maintaining vital, state-of-the-art research facilities to provide its students and faculty with opportunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge.
To develop linkages with world class R&D organizations and educational institutions in India and abroad for excellence in teaching, research and consultancy practices.
Improve the Mechanical Engineering Department’s infrastructure to facilitate research productivity and success.


Programme Outcomes

Distinguished Alumni